Journey to an Open Education

Mission Statement

Can higher education be hacked?
If I want to teach some day, I'll need a MSc, but to get that, I'll need a BSc.
Prior Learning Assessment could be a fast track to that degree.

The idea here is that I'd like to use MIT's Open Courseware to learn, and use the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) in conjunction with the Portfolio Assessment to earn a BSc of Comp Sci.

There are three main goals here, in priority order:

  1. Complete MIT's 6-2 Electrical Engineering & Comp Sci program
  2. Use that experience to help me obtain a BSc of Comp Sci
  3. Document/Journal the experience for others so that they can decide if this is a valid approach for them, avoid mistakes I made in my journey, and use my experience as a template (of sorts).